TSA Guidelines for transporting a firearm on aircraft.

Good idea posting the link. I encourage all to print it and take it with you any time you're travelling with a weapon. Also find and print the airlines rules as well. Not all of the airline employees know the rules and it saves time being able to provide a print out.
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I have always been afraid to try this. i am sure it is no big deal, but i am afraid of getting stuck at the airport and missing my flight. Hopefully, NV will soon accept TN handgun permits. My wife and i frequently go to Las Vegas and Reno. I would be willing to try it, if they accepted my permit.
Thanks. Looks like I'll have to start some kind of Airline Info section as well. Added to the todo list!
I have always been afraid to try this. i am sure it is no big deal, but i am afraid of getting stuck at the airport and missing my flight.

I've traveled with my CCW many times and haven't run into any real delays or problems at all. I find that there is a lot of variation in the procedures that the airline and security people follow but I've never been harassed or treated badly.

I almost consider it a duty to bring my CCW when I travel where I can legally carry because it helps the airline and TSA folks become accustomed to dealing with us friendly gun people. We are like the ambassadors or the RKBA. :)
I don't plan on going back home to New Orleans until I get my FL CCW permit that will allow me to carry in Louisiana.
Last time I visited my Grandma in florida I left my pistol at home, to avoid the complications of the airline ordeal. When I was there I kept hearing about the armed robberies and shootings, and I really wished I'd brought it. Next time it's coming with me, there is no question.
Broken Link?

When I tried to access the link, I got a "Sorry, the page you requested was not found." message.
I had worried about the 'hassel' with checking in a firearm. I have traveled by air a couple of times now with my carry gun and had no problems.

The policies do vary from airport to airport and the TSA in inconsistant. Just carry a printed copy of the TSA rules and the individual air line rules that you are flying on.

We do need to exercise our carry rights to keep these folks aware that it is fine and legal citizens do carry firearms. Just follow the rules.

I take a weapon everytime I travel - just to get them used to it.

Last time, checking in at about 10pm at PBI, I got a bit of a hassle from the Delta clerks. When I opened my weapon case and showed them my NAA Mini-revolver, they started laughing. Said that thing wouldn't even suffice to throw at someone.

Since that was all I could carry where I was going, I avoided any provocative statements like asking for a volunteer.

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