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Hello I need your hellp me with your feedback about my traveling from California to Arizona this weekend. I have my either Nevada and Florida CCW License (both are reciprocity to Arizon's honor both permits )and I will bring my glock with me.

I know California law must the firearm locked in the container or padlock while transportation. When I cross the border from California to Arizona,and pull over at the rest area or some place. Can I carry my gun with my holster and trip around in Arizona for pleasure my family vacation? Let me know. Thanks. :biggrin:

After that my family and I will go back to California. I have to take it off and locked in the container or padlock before crossing the border of California, correct?

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Welcome to the land of the free! Arizona is an open carry state as well as a CCW state. You can learn a lot from this website too. As long as your holster and gun are visible and you are not in an establishment that sells alcohol by the glass for consumption you’re legal. If not on you be careful. Think area of control. No kids can have access and it should be in a holster and in the glove box or console storage area of your car. If you set it on the seat it is too easy to cover up by accident and cause your self trouble if stopped. Same with under the seat if you have kids. You stop fast and it slides to the rear where you children are...again that’s a problem and the police will not look kindly on you. Think three steps. Open Glove box, grab gun, upholster = 3 steps. Keep your registration and insurance someplace else and if stopped just tell the officer that you have a gun so they is not surprised when he or she finds it. Don’t yell “I have a gun”! Just find a polite way to let them know while keeping your hands in plane site. They just want to go home at night like you and I do. We don’t often like to see California plates. After your three strikes law we had a spike in crime as your felons fled the California. I am sure you can understand. Enjoy your trip!
If Arizona recognizes your state's CCW, then you are pretty much golden. Arizona has very good firearms freedom. You can carry open (regardless of reciprocity), just not in facilities that serve alcohol for consumption on the premises, and of course not where signs are posted. If you are concealing (with CCW), you can enter a facility that serves alcohol, provided you don't drink, and they don't have a no firearms sign posted next to their liquor license. If you are concealing (with CCW), keep the gun on your person in the car and you are golden. Otherwise you can put it in a holster in the glove box (away from a child).

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