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Lots of new shooters with little or no experience with firearms, save for the misinformation they have absorbed by watching TV and movies, are buying their first gun and taking a CCW/CCH class and getting their license. Their first trip to a gun store, often will make them feel like "outsiders" and not welcome allies in the defense of rights of citizenship. Then the store clerk will be asked, "What do you recommend for self-defense?" The answer will come back with some recommendation, probably a light weight J frame size 38 or even a .357, or maybe a compact 380? The new prospective shooter will look at Ruger LCP, maybe a S&W 642 or a Ruger LCR in the recommended caliber. They will complete the purchase and soon after develop an empty wallet buying ammo and a strong flinch. Ruger is now selling the LCR in 38/.357 and a .22 LR version. Clerks and shooters should give serious consideration to making that first purchase a pair of something; a .22 and a centerfire that is as similar in operation as possible. A new shooter can easily spent upwards of a $,000 on a gun and holster&belt combo and another $1,000 on ammunition while they develop their flinch. New buyers and the clerks who will sell to them should show training pairs, guns of serious self-defense utility and a .22 trainer that is a clone of the ultimate carry gun. If they can't afford to buy 2 guns at one time, buy/sell the .22 first and a couple of bricks of ammunition. If your store has a range, include a free range visit and half hour instruction and maybe a DVD. The new shooter will probably become a good customer and end up buying more guns and ammo if they are not abused by the noise and recoil of their super blaster.

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