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i love working with my daughters. my oldest likes it a little{19} next to the oldest loves it alot, good shot{18} next is my{8} she loves it. i got a rossi 22/410 for them. she loves to shoot but she can't close one eye so i have to put a patch over it, now she's right on target, she'll get it. my{6} keeps asking but not quite ready yet but this summer i'm sure she'll start. i started the last 2 on a red rider bb gun. kids are great but they have to be taught properly. they can the way you want them to do it or they can learn from others, NOT A GOOD THING.


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I agree with proper teaching of firearms safety, handling, care and so on. My Son is now 14, he's been shooting a Ruger 10/22 for many years now, of course only under my supervision. I taught him the proper and safe ways to handle, carry, shoot, load, clean, and enjoy firearms. He also has a healthy respect for them as well.

Even so, all our firearms are under lock and key with myself and my wife being the only ones with access to them.

He's had the enjoyment of shooting many .22 rifles, a 38 special revolver, and the XD-45 and loves every chance we get to go to the range.

Please note that in the video my Son is wearing ear AND eye protection (polycarbonate safety goggles) and we had fired it together many times before I let him try it alone. I loaded only one round for safety sake, you can clearly see the slide lock back after it fires.

I can tell you that there is and will never be a day that I will worry about him taking a gun to school, he just doesn't have access to one and if he did (which he will never while I am around) he would leave it alone.

Education is the key.


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I'm happy to report that I "caught" my son (6) showing my daughter (2) how to keep his toy gun pointed in a safe direction. :) He is also getting better with the BB gun!

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