To build or to buy? AR-15


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I'll be heading to the swap-meet in a couple of weeks with some really nice stuff. I have three choices what to do with the money. I fully expect to clear $600.

1. Buy a lower and start building my AR-15.
2. Get a cheaper AR, or put a nicer one on lay-away.
3. Get an AK.


I built, but not from scratch.

I bought a used Eagle lower and a couple of uppers, 16" and 20" A2s. I bought the bolt assembly from the people who sold me the uppers.

There might be some tweaking necessary. The 16" worked fine the first time it was put on the lower. The 20" needed some work.

Now they're both 100%.
Earlier this year, I built an AR from scratch, both upper and lower. Ended up costing about the same as if I bought a complete rifle new. I've about decided I would have done better building the lower and adding an already built upper, say from PSA.
I would like to build one. For you guys that did build one I bet you know your way around an AR better then any of your friends.
That is definitely a benefit!

Depends on what you want.

If it's a stock out of the box gun go to WalMart.

If you want something special built it yourself.

Pretty simple.

I say build one. Prices for parts have come down and you can build one EXACTLY the way you want it and like mentioned above, you get to know your rifle like no other.
There are some draw backs to building, for example: the tools (AR armorers wrench, upper receiver armorers block), that you only use to build ARs and cost about $20 each.

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