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I'm thinking of moving to the Carthage area this month from Fla. It seems that the state is pretty restrictive compared to Fla. No carry in parks, restaraunts, forests, etc. How about in vehicles? Can it be handy w/o a closed case? Does it have to be in a loced container/area? Can I wear it in a holster? This is the one area I haven't been able to get info on. Any help is appreciated.


If you have a carry permit you can carry it on your person in the car or anywhere in the car loaded and ready to go.

If you do not have a permit the firearm must be unloaded and the gun and not concelaed on your person also with the ammo not in the immediate vicinity of you or the weapon. Link Removed(a)(1)
Compared to Florida, TN is relatively similar for permit carriers.

You can carry in any restaurant, provided that restaurant doesn't SERVE alcohol (Set to change this legislative session, thanks to a new Republican majority in the State House)

STATE & local parks are still off-limits, but Federal parks and WMA's are still legal, provided that 1) you have a permit and 2) BHO won't rescind the order.

You can carry a loaded handgun in any way you see fit in TN, provided you have a permit. If you DON'T have a permit, the gun must be unloaded, kept separate from ammo, and both must be out of immediate reach.

You can carry ANYWHERE on property you own, or have specific permission on which to carry.

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