Thermal hog hunt video. 15 pigs down


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Finally got everything back set up to make videos again. Went out in Wallis, Tx and spied this group of hogs in a cut down rice field. There were 3 of us, but my buddy decided to hunt with his new .308 SBR that doesn’t have an adjustable gas block yet. So his gun went out of service after his first shot. So aside from the 3,2,1, shots there were 2 of us shooting. We recovered 15, and my buddy said they found 3 more the next day. Hope y’all enjoy the video, and I hope to be makin more to come.

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Having your rooks on the 7th rank, or second rank if you are playing as black, is always good sign.

I’m guessing this is military lingo, referring to my buddies rifle setup. He had a hunch it wasn’t going to cycle well. I was pretty sure it wouldn’t cycle at all. That said he installed an SLR adjustable gas block last night and should have it tuned for the next hunt.

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No actually it is a chess reference. Pigs on the 7th rank refers to having both of your rooks on the 7th rank if you are playing as white, or on the second rank if playing black. It is an advantageous situation because you can capture undefended pawns and potentially get a back rank checkmate on the opponents king.


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