The stage is being set in Pa. for a 2A fight


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There should be a more thorough article in Thursday's paper, but heres the blurb:

Rendell, Ravenstahl call for assault weapon ban

I'm thinking this is only the beginning of this type of thing. I've been waiting to see this happen. With all the press that's been had recently with shooting sprees, it's only a matter of time that the antis start pushing for a new ban. They're going to use the shootings that have happened as a reason to reinstate a federal ban on weapons/magazines/ammunition! We need to stay on top of this and push the positive and continue to point out the flaws in their arguements!

One very good thing....Pennsylvania stiil has a Republican majority in the Senate, which can slow down or stop things on the state level. Unfortunately, we all know how the federal Democratic majority acts (Vote first, ask questions later). I'm sure fast Eddie will try to pull the federal strings. Pennsylvania is the ONLY state in the northeast with any republican legislative majority. At least we're still purple!

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