Teachers to carry guns in Texas school...


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It's from 2008, but still.....I think this is a good thing, while hoping that those firearms will never have to be used in defense of the school, it's students, or staff.

Strictly speaking, teachers can OC in schools in Michigan. I don't know that any of them are doing it, but it is legal, and there isn't anything the schools can legally do to stop them.
It's a big liability issue. Between that and the mentality of most teachers, I really don't expect this to catch on much.
It doesn't have to catch on.... all "IT" has to do is plant the seed of uncertainty in the mind of a would-be shooter..... Many studies have shown that criminals don't willingly enter a premises that is likely to contain armed persons.
Who's First?

The normal fear of the unknown for a shooter can be a deterent and past incidents have proven that they don't pick places that gun zones. They pick gun free zones so they are the only one holding at the time. When reinfocements arrive they voluntarily disarm or commit suicide providing further proof they know right from wrong. :bad:
So what if every school doesn't have an actively carrying staff member who is going to know the difference, the public just needs to know that the staff is allowed under the law to CC and can protect themselves and others in the process.
The fear of the unknown, who is going to shoot who first? :triniti:

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