Sticky for holster links?

Hey all lots of great sights listed kind of head spining. So just wondering about recommendations for a horizontal carry shoulder holster for a SP2340 Sig .40?
Last nite I gave an email address for a new holster and gave the wrong address, here is the right address Link Removed check them out they appear to be a very comfortable IWB Holster..
Take a look at
Soteria Leather
Cerisse does OUTSTANDING work!!!

I am going to get a new pistol Beretta PX4 Storm .45 ACP I have a Storm .40 S&W. I have a question,I know it's dumb lol,what does size mean? I see one I want but it asks Size 22 23 24 this is the first for me. What do I go by on size? I have a White Hat IWB they're like the Crossbreed I got this one because Crossbreed didn't have any for my XD .45 all you have to do is change out the Kydex and put on the one you want to fit different pistols. On the left is my Beretta .40 and my XD .45 on the right in the White Hat Holster.

Link Removed
I bought a Beretta PX4 Storm .40 S&W I have a Springfield XD .45 ACP. Due to the type of safety on my XD but when I got my Beretta I love the safety on it. My XD engages when you grip the gun and has me scared to keep a round in the chamber so I am getting rid of it and get me a Beretta PX4 Storm .45. I have my XD in a White Hat Holsters IWB Max Tuck. I am debating on a Check Six or a Pancake Holster which one hides printing the best. Concealed Handgun Holsters and Holster Parts & Accessories - White Hat I love this holster and all I have to do is oreder the Kydex to fit my Beretta's. My problem is I have to pick a size on the Pancake and Check Six like it says 22 23 24. How do I determine the size?

Link Removed

Link Removed
Tread Softly Concealment Holsters. Look em up on Facebook no website as of yet newer company. Makes a good iwb holster very similar to Crossbreed but IMHO I think the way they cut their leather is better but I also don't prefer the "combat cuts" I like a little more leather between me and the gun.
My old eyes may have missed it, but since the thread is actually titled "sticky for holster links" why not address "sticky holsters" I'm amazed nobody included Link Removed because I have seem many comment positively on them.

DeSantis also has some pocket holsters that can double as a "sticky" (no-clip) holster. Pocket Holsters :

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