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I want to fly to Arizona fom new York, how do I take my handguns on the plane,and is my NyPistol license good in Arizona?


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Traveling with a handgun

To see if your permit is honored in a state other than your homestate, go to Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity Maps

First, click on your home state, then click on the state you wish to visit. The map is color-coded and very easy to interpret.

As for how to get your handguns transported on a commercial airliner, go to your local gun store and ask them, or contact TSA or local police department before you travel. They can answer your questions.:triniti:

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Put it in your carry-on bag silly!!!!! LMAO!!!!!! Let me know how it goes please let me know!!!!!!


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Obviously, don't fly out of NYC, they will probably arrest you and confiscate your firearm.

I use the Link Removed. Be sure the pistol is fully cleared empty. Triple check. TSA ammo storage requirements are satisfied by having bullets in the pistol magazines inside the same lockable case.

Something I have done many times that expedites getting through a long line at check-in is I go to the SkyCap desk outside (if there is one) and tell the SkyCap "I want to declare a firearm" and I immediately tip the SkyCap $5. SkyCaps can't check a firearm so they will walk you directly to the front of the line at the airline counter inside avoiding the long line. Great use of $5 in my opinion.

At the Airline counter they will ask you to fill out a simple card that declares that the firearm is unloaded and relieves the airline of liability for your possession of the firearm. Sometimes they ask you to open the locked case and verify that the firearm is unloaded but most of the time they have just had me fill out the card and put the card inside the locked pistol case. They will put nothing on the outside of your luggage indicating that a firearm is inside. Take a TSA approved lock to lock the outside of your luggage if asked to do so. The airline will then take your bag (or ask you to take it) directly to a TSA agent who checks the case and luggage while you wait there. I prefer a key locked pistol case and then I keep one key on my key-chain and an extra in my carry on bag. I use a TSA approved combination lock on the outside of the bag with the pistol case in it only if I am requested to do so by TSA.

By far the most gun friendly airline I have encountered is Southwest but all airlines should transport your properly secured firearm. Check each airlines website for their firearms policy details.


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BTW, when not using it to travel by air, I have the lockable pistol case above in my trunk with the included cable wrapped around a pillar in the auto body to secure my pistol when I go somewhere that I don't carry. Its a good all around case. Probably too small for a large frame pistol or revolver but perfect for a sub-compact pistol with 2 magazines or a snub nosed revolver with 2 speed loaders.


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Print out the TSA regs and your particular airline regs and take them with you. I have needed to educate several counter agents.


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Print out the TSA regs and your particular airline regs and take them with you. I have needed to educate several counter agents.

+1 on what Jes said, however, I have been lucky and have not had any bad encounters with airline or TSA staff (I hope I'm not jinxing myself) after 100's of flights with firearms. I always have the printed regs with me just in case, like Jes said above.

In reality, I've had a better experience while flying with firearms than without. I have never been "randomly" selected for additional search while transporting a firearm. I've even had airline staff take my boarding pass with the "extra treatment" code on it and give me one without it. I have even gotten better seating and treatment. I was asked a couple of times if I was law enforcement and if I wanted to apply to carry the firearm on board with me. I said no to both.

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