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I'm a Minnesota resident with a Minnesota carry permit. The wifey and I are going to visit South Dakota for a few days and take in the tourist traps. I know SD honors my permit but is there any SD carry laws that I have to be aware of different than Minnesota? I've looked at your carry website already but just want to cover the bases. For instance, the carry while driving, I'm not sure of the wording on the website, is there any problem? Dave


I like that site because it breaks down all the carry laws into layman's terms and covers all the big ones.
I remember a few places that you can't carry:
1. Federal buildings
2. Schools
3. Bars
4. There are a few more, but I am at a loss right now.

Food for thought. When enjoying all our great sights here in South Dakota, remember that there are people from around the world/country that might get askeered of a weapon. There are a great many of us here that are exercising our 2A rights as you will. I hope that you have a good time here. I would like to suggest Custer State Park. Great place to see wildlife.

Thanks for the info guys, it helps. As far as wildlife, well about the only thing we don't have here already are bison and antelope. Dave
I think there's also a book that covers all 50 states. Maybe does too.

Edit: I found this legal opinion from the SD AG regarding in-vehicle carry:

Applying the above rules of construction to the legislative history answers your question. Reviewing the various amendments, it is my opinion that Legislature did not intend to require a license or a permit to carry a handgun in a vehicle if any part of the firearm is capable of being seen. Therefore the criminal sanctions in SDCL 22-14-9 do not apply unless the handgun is truly "concealed." If the firearm is "concealed" within a motor vehicle and thus completely incapable of being seen, the carrier must either have a license or permit or comply with the provisions of SDCL 22-14-10

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