Sig P238 Trigger Replacement

I bought a P238 recently and was very displeased with the trigger. It was heavy, notchy, and actually "jam" if not pulled exactly to the rear. I searched the web and found this video:

After watching it and then searching the web some more, I found quite a few folks that liked this SS trigger. So, I ordered one from:

Tillamook Precision Inc.
7610 Trask River rd.
Tillamook, Oregon 97141

I paid via PayPal to [email protected].

The installation went very smoothly. Glen includes a flanged pin that drops into the trigger spring and it really, really helps smooth things out. My trigger is smoother, lighter and just all around better. (IMHO & YMMV). I went from being very displeased with the trigger to being very pleased.

BTW, you can get the trigger with a machined ss finish or with a black finish.

I have no affiliation with this company other than as a satisfied customer!

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