Sears Model 200


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My dad just gave this to me. It barely moved. When asked when was the last he fired? 1980. Did you oil it before you put it away? Clean it? sure did. That's questionable. After extensivly cleaning it, it works great Now just got to go shoot it!

AWESOME! My granddad gave us his old S&R .22 autoloader a few years back. I'm no expert, but I think it's probably about 60 years old.

Right on!
sweet, I always knew he had it but when he gave it to me i was speechless. It is the 3rd oldest thing i own. 1. 1946 chevy pickup 2. 1952 house 3. sears shot gun. i can't explain it but am super excited!


Woulda had more but camrea died
There were a few manufacuterers that sold their products under the Sears name; Winchester being the most prominent. I have a Winchester 22LR Rifle, Tube Magazine, Model 290. I went to a gun show recently and a fellow had one very similar but with the Sears and Roebuck name on it.

Sears quit selling weapons in the early 1980's I think.
Does anyone know who or where i can give the numbers on the gun and find out exactly what munfacture it belongs to?
Your gun is a Winchester model 1200 made by Winchester in their factory. No different parts. The only thing that was changed was the writing stamped on the gun. Also the serial numbers reflect that it was from a run made for sears.

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