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I was riding with my Father-In-Law (F-I-L), both a Mason and a CWP holder, and my son in the back seat (buckled into a booster seat). My F-I-L was going about 12 over the limit, when a Sate Trooper pulled us over. We pulled to the side of the road - actually completely off the road and then some - to give the officer plenty of room to come to the driver's side window without any danger from the road.

My F-I-L handed his DL and CWP, and the officer explained that, of course we were speeding, and that he would be right back. The officer asked if he was carrying today, "Yes," to which he replied "Good!" :)

I was thinking - oh crap, my M-I-L is going to give him crap for a speeding ticket. My son - he's 6 - had never been pulled over before, and was asking, "Is Papa going to jail?" We laughed and told him no, just a ticket, and pay some money to the court.

Well, a few minutes later, the officer came back, handed him his DL and CWP back, Shook his hand and said to "watch your speed in the future" - handed him a warning, and a State Trooper Badge Sticker for "the little guy in the back." :)

I was dumbstruck. We pulled off, and my F-I-L started chucking... I asked him what the heck just happened there? :confused:

Well... being a mason, he had a mason window decal on the back glass. The handshake was the Troopers way of telling my F-I-L that he was a mason as well - you know - the secret handshake and all...

I must say, this was my best encounter with any LEO of any kind. Since then, I've considered becoming a mason! :cool:

Or CWP's either...

The only reason you should get a warning ticket is if the officer's judgment says the situation calls for a warning rather than a full ticket. Maybe it gets abused sometimes, maybe you don't agree with your understanding of the officer's judgment, maybe you don't know everything the officer saw, just have to trust the system as best you can.

Even from this story we cannot really tell all the factors involved in the officer's decision to issue a warning rather than a regular ticket. Maybe it was the demeanor of the driver, the presence of a properly seated child, the car they drove, the controlled response of the vehicle exhibited during the pullover, the masonic sticker, the CWP, the driver's record when checked or whatever. It could have been all these things or none of them, maybe it can be attributed to the roast beef sandwich the officer had earlier. Maybe I am Pollyanna, the eternal optimist, but you just have to trust them with the judgment for the call. Consider the alternative - are you going to be happy with a rigid system allowing you only 1 warning every 3 to 5 years? How about no warnings but an automatic radar/camera ticket generated when you are 1 MPH over the limit? No allowance for conditions?

There are a lot of things that ought not happen, we just have to deal with it and accept the consequences when they do.
Since then, I've considered becoming a mason! :cool:
Me too, just because it would be interesting - but some people I do business with are convinced that its a satanic cult, so I've refrained.

I'll join the Bilderburg Group instead. :D

What, didn't you watch National Treasure?!?!? Da Vinci Code? Think brotherhood and altruism, not black magic!

Come on Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and quite a few others who you probably think pretty well of were members, not too bad company.

Course there was the bad press from the movie, "In Hell" which we are still trying to live down. Thank goodness not too many people saw it. Though I have to say they were supposedly protecting a brother.
What, didn't you watch National Treasure?!?!? Da Vinci Code?
Nope. :)

Come on Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and quite a few others who you probably think pretty well of were members, not too bad company.
I know myself that it's not satanic, of course. It's more that it has an image problem...and other than just thinking to myself that it would be interesting, I've never had any other motivation to join. No one tried to talk me into it, etc.
Re: Masonic Membership

Ah, we are not allowed to "invite" someone to join. It is called non-solicitation and is one of our precepts. If you ask for information we will wholeheartedly answer your questions but we are specifically forbidden from asking you or persuading you to join. Click on the Michigan Grand Lodge's website link below and read from the bottom of page 15 until you see what I mean...

Link Removed

Hope that helps your background knowledge of masonry.
Ah, we are not allowed to "invite" someone to join. It is called non-solicitation and is one of our precepts. Link Removed

Hope that helps your background knowledge of masonry.

I know this is something for another thread,but I would forget,so I'll ask here.
What exactly do the Masons do,and what are they?
In addition to

the Wikipedia link, you should google the Grand Lodge website in your state (or several states) for additional information IF YOU ARE INTERESTED.

The information on Wikipedia is very Euro-centered on the history between England and the continental lodges. Remember all the wars and political/cultural issues that come about over there. While that is where Freemasonry gained acceptance and, perhaps, power, you might be better advised to research what most Americans believe about their history, our organization and membership.
LEO Encounters

I was working for an engineering company that does test and balance on HVAC systems back in 1997. I had just finished a setup on a school in Hilton Head and was on my way back home thru. Columbia and a new job I had to get to fast in Apex,NC. It was the beginning of the school year and all the new construction on schools had to be certified before the systems could be turned on. As I made my way thru. a little town named Lexington,S.C. I was exhausted and really just wanted to go to my house about 5 miles ahead and get a few hours sleep before starting out to Apex on the other side of Raliegh,NC. It was about 2 a.m. when blue lights lit up in the rear view mirror of my old co. van. A SC state trooper walked up and told me my tag lite was burned out. I was dreading telling him I was armed because I had heard horror stories at my CCW class about problems with the cops. I humbly handed him my DL,insurance,reg,and CCW and said "They told me at the CCW class I am supposed to tell you I am armed". He smiled and said "That's the what are you carrying and exactly where is it?" I told him I had a Beretta Tom Cat in my rt. front pants pocket and was carrying because I had to constantly stay on the road in motels for my job. He smiled and said"Just keep that Tom Cat in your pocket and we'll both be okay...okay?" He returned a few minutes later with a warning ticket and said God bless you on your journey...try to get that light fixed or the cops are just going to keep stopping you. I drove away and stopped at the Wal Mart a few hours later before I headed out to Apex. It took me about 2 min. to replace the bulb. I think some times we loose sight of the fact that the police are just people. I believe most people are good therefore most cops are good too.
Its good to hear that ya'll had good encounter with a LEO, As Pvt said, there good people, if only everyone knew,,
Normally Masons are known as respectable, law abiding citizens, or should be at least or their lodge should kick them out. Most likely this and the fact your FIL was a concealed carry holder plus no doubt the respectful manner you all dealt with the Trooper told him you FIL was a very respectable law abiding citizen and most times this goes a long way with LEO's that deal with "jerks" alot during their tour of duty. BTW, i am a Mason and CC holder too but not a LEO.

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