Sacramento Sheriff: Concealed Weapons Permits Available


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The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department has started issuing concealed weapons permits after a temporary hold.

A sign posted earlier in the day outside the department door in the 700 block of G Street said no concealed weapons permits would be issued or renewed until further notice.

Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinness said the decision has been rescinded and the department will go back to issuing permits.

Faced with the potential loss of more than 200 deputies due to budget cuts, McGinness said earlier this month that he may consider issuing more concealed weapons permits.

McGinness said at a public budget workshop in May that if the cuts happen, people would wait "long, long periods of time for the most basic public safety services, specifically uniformed officers in the field."

About 230 layoffs are expected in the entire department, according to Sgt. Tim Curran.

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Piece Corps

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Gee! Does this mean that the Sacramento sheriff is admitting that his department cannot defend and protect the citizens? And does it also mean that he thinks there is some validity to the idea that armed citizens deter crime?


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