S&W Bodyguard 380 sight recommendation


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Does anyone have recommendations for replacement sights on the Bodyguard 380? They are all black from the factory (not very accurate either) and are hard to see against black targets. Since I have to adjust them I may as well replace them with something I like.




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The Bodyguard is truly a close quarters gun and should be used more in an instinctive aiming/pointing method. I don't know of any after market sights that are available, but you may want to get some enamel paint and paint the front sight white, yellow or red if you are not comfortable with instinctive aiming.


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I paint my sights with appliance white touch up and then seal it with glow in the dark fingernail polish. It lasts a long time. It all so glows at night after being in the light. If you charge it with a flashlight for 10 seconds it glows for about 15 minutes. Convenient if the dog needs to go out at night.


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Thanks, Chup, I joined USA Carry today and just showed up here for the first time and I've already picked up a valuable tip, re: painting sights.

I also just took my new S&W Bodyguard .380 auto out of the box. My first handgun in almost 20 years - I carried a sidearm in the military and for L.E work for 14 years. I'll find a local range and try it out tomorrow.

Any advice about this weapon from anyone would be greatly appreciated.


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Hey Semper...congrats on your purchase! Range time will certainly get you the familiarity you need to carry the gun with confidence. With it being such a small gun, its not a comfortable gun to shoot a couple hundred rounds through at one range visit. Auto's can be a bit finicky when it come to ammo, so try a couple of different brands and 115gr round ball. For defensive rounds to carry, run a mag full of 125gr JHP like Speer Gold Dot, Winchester Rangers or Hornady Critical Defense through your gun.


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Did you get to the range today? You may have already discovered what I'm about to say but I enjoy the little gun and would be interested in your thoughts. It has a long trigger pull compared to my Glock (my only other hand gun) but I've heard others make the same comment. Mine did not come from the factory with either the laser or the sights accurate even at 15 yards. The laser is easy enough to adjust yourself and I'll let you know how it goes with adjusting the sights.

Mine was extremely stiff. (This is my first "new" gun so they my all be like that, I don't know about that.) After a good cleaning and oiling, racking the slide felt much smoother than right out of the box. The magazines stop about half way when inserting them; pushing the eject button allowed me to fully seat them. (I hear that you won't need to do this after the gun is broken in.) With use, all the other bits and pieces loosened up and feel less awkward. The safety was so stiff that I was concerned about disengaging it in a hurry but it got easier with use.

I've also had trouble with the slide not going all the way back after I've removed it but I can't seem to repeat the problem with enough consistency to explain when and why it happens. Never had trouble with the slide when firing it. No failures either but I've only run 50 rounds through it.

I have big hands but it didn't take long to get used to the small gun. With the laser I was able to be very accurate at 15 yards and I'll try more "instinctive" shooting as Purple suggests. Usually I use instinctive shooting when there is no time for a full draw, mainly at three feet or so. They frown on drills in front of the line unless you're they only one using the range, for obvious reasons, so I'll have to find some time alone to get more practice at close range. :biggrin:

Purple, if you have any advice on instinctive shooting I'm all ears! I've had some informal training by a firearms instructor but I'm always looking for advice. After having a taste of real training, I can't imagine carrying a firearm without it. I'm looking for more formal training in the next few months. There is a quote that goes something like "carrying a gun and calling yourself armed is like carrying a hammer and calling yourself a carpenter." Not sure who said it but I fully agree.

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