Recommended IWB Holster XD 40 Subcompact


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Looking for recommendations on a good quality comfortable IWB holster for my XD 40 Subcompact.

Any help appreciated.

I have a crossbreed supetuck and i love it. It is very comfortable. I bought mine through
I'm going to be ordering one of these SOON, after a lot of research, This one is very thin, and I really like the leather lining!

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Bullard leather

I have 3 holsters from Bullard leather. I enjoy the comfort and construction of their holsters. I especially like the between the belt and the iwb. Cost is fair Folks there are helpful and friendly. Will be ordering one more for my 38 snub nose soon. Why change when I am happy with Bullard holsters?
I also have a crossbreed IWB super tuck for a Springfield xd9 sc. I got it from $35.00
I'm a bit of a chunky guy and I have a DeSantis Pro Stealth for mine. I'm looking to get one for my P226 Sig also. here is the description for the Sig.Nice feature is that one sits both right and left handed people and it is quite comfortable and fits snugly IWB.

Pro Stealth™

The N87 is made of premium padded ballistic nylon. The 1 3/4" sturdy, powder coated black spring clip keeps this beauty securely anchored to your belt. A spare magazine pouch is standard for the auto loader models, and they are ambidextrous. The clip may be removed and inserted on opposite side for left hand carry. Available in black.
I personally use a Comp-Tac Minotaur MTAC Holster for my Commander size 1911. Very comfortable. Very similar to the Crossbreed Supertuck.
I just received a Remora holster for my XD40 Sub. I also have ordered an IWB from White Hat Holsters. The main reason for the Remora is I'm often on the road and in and out of places I can't carry, with the Remora I can take it in and out easier and lock it in the car.
Link Removed I have 3 Mackenzie holsters and highly recommend them. Lifetime warranty half the price of the leading high dollar name brand give them a try you won't regret that you did. They have had a lot of good reviews here lately from guys and gals who have tried them.
I tried the Galco King Tux and couldn't get comfortable with it. I am currently using the Galco Summer Comfort and like the holster with no negative issues.
I recommend the crossbreed super tuck, very comfortable! I wear it everyday in all weather. I also recommend the horse hide.

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