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Hello everyone, I have a bit of an issue related to the company I tested with for my CCW Permit Requirement.

Here's my question (and perhaps it's better suited for one of the other sub-forums - I'm not sure?):

Because I had already owned/been handling a pistol for over a year, and based-on my years of experience with shotguns/rifles, I decided to go with the "online course", back in January of this year, to obtain the requisite safety certification required in VA. To the best of my knowledge, the only company offering it here is one named; "The Concealed Carry Institute".

In the past couple weeks, I have TWICE received emails from this company stating that they received a "Password Change Request" from me, and that m password had in fact been "Reset". I have never (not once) requested ANYTHING from these folks/this company (aside from the original contact with them and taking of the test).

The first time I got this series of emails from them, I not only immediately emailed them, I also immediately called them. The gentleman politely took my info., said he would "certainly look into it", and...well, that was the last I heard. I DID send them another email shortly thereafter, to notify them that I was still able to get into the site with the same credentials I had originally registered with, so, I didn't see any "major" problem with the occurrence. However todays "breach" is a different story. I can NOT login/sign-in. I emailed them, thinking they would sit-up and take notice quickly this time, but it's been about eight hours now and I've heard nothing back from them. I understand it's a Saturday/weekend, but this is beginning to seem serious to me.

I'm hoping someone here would have a suggestion on how I might proceed from this point, please...?

Thanks in advance,

First, DON'T respond to ANY link in those e-mails. If you did respond or click a link on the first one, did you give any info or enter a password? If you did, that is probably how they (the phishers) then changed your password. If not, your call to the company may have triggered a password change or account suspension. The latter is nothing to worry about. Call them Monday and get it straightened out. The offices are probably closed on weekends. Nobody works 24/7.
I would run Malwarebytes Antimalware (available on and make sure your virus protection is up to date and run a virus scan. I see this exact thing happen to many people all the time on many sites that require login. Typically what it boils down to is a keylogger in the system sending all the keystrokes to some script-kiddie (hacker with no skills) who thinks it's fun to do such things. My advice is to make 100% sure the system is clean by running multiple malware, spyware, and virus scans then change all your account passwords and esspecially your secret questions.

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