Problem getting a CCP from Madison county


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I recently moved from morgan county to madison county and had to reapply for my ccp. Its been two months now and no word on my application. Has anybody had trouble with getting a permit in madison county. I liked Morgan county where you go in and walk out with a permit. Madison you have to fill out an application and then wait for them to send you information in the mail.

My initial permit took about four weeks. A buddy of mine said his renewal took alot less time. It's the way this sherriff runs it.
BTW I had to call them to follow up. Then I had to go to courthouse and pick it up. They don't send to you
Buck, check in at the OFCC forums at Two months is 60 days, and IIRC they only have 45 days to review.
Went online and saw that i was approved. I guess they don't send you any notice. The girl at the desk said they would mail me a notice. Thanks for the reply's
That's Ohio, Alabama doesn't have that law.
I was posting from my phone, and the mobile app doesn't tell you what forum section the thread is in. I saw Morgan and Madison counties, which also happen to be in Ohio, and made an assumption.
Besides Alabama and Ohio; Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Georgia all each have a Madison and a Morgan county.

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