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Only in New York State. Do you think this will help? I'm not so sure.

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New York Senator Pushes for Police Gun Cams

Times Union, Albany, N.Y.

ALBANY -- State Sen. Eric Adams pulled a gun from a holster on his hip Monday and started waving it around as photographers grabbed their shots.

The gun was a fake version of the Glock 9mm pistol used by many police officers. Adams, a Brooklyn Democrat who spent 22 years with New York City's police department, was displaying an accessory he hopes will eventually be embraced by police statewide: a camera mounted on the gun.

PistolCam, developed by Legend Technologies, based in the North Country community of Keeseville, is a digital video recorder that mounts below the gun barrel. The device, which weighs 5 ounces and costs $695, is designed to turn on when the gun is unholstered, providing a record of what happens after an officer draws his or her weapon.

The concept is similar to the practice of mounting videocams in patrol cars to document traffic stops, or in police stations to record interrogations and confessions.

"This is the way of the future," said Adams, who is trying to lay groundwork for an eventual legislative measure encouraging use of such a device.

Adams said he realized that law enforcement often hesitates to embrace new technologies, so he's starting his effort by trying to explain how the gun cam works to lawmakers and to some police agencies.

So far, no states require the use of such devices. State Police are looking at a possible pilot program, said Michael Balboni, the state's deputy secretary for public safety. A $300,000 proposal to test the technology in State Police SWAT teams, requested by Sen. Dale Volker, R-DePew, was cut amid budget constraints.

Adams's suggestion comes amid tensions raised by the Sean Bell case in New York City. Three NYPD detectives were acquitted last month in the 2006 shooting of Bell as he left his bachelor party on his wedding day.

The case renewed attention on police use of deadly force, especially against minorities. Bell was black.

Police contacted by the Times Union said they would have to see how the PistolCam worked but expressed concern that it could affect the ergonomics and accuracy of their weapons.

"There is a safety concern in that you're taking something as delicate as a small gun and you're adding both weight and bulk to it," said Daniel DeFedericis, president of the State Police PBA.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Why doesn't the cop just wear a wide-angle camera? Then it can record everything leading up to the shooting, plus it would not render the firearm stupid.

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