Palm Beach Sheriff 1, Bad guy zero


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This morning in Palm Beach County (FL) we had the standard too much TV situation. A guy abducted his ex-girlfreind at knifepoint leading police on a chase. Sheriffs deputies cornered his car so he jumped out placing his holding his ex-girlfreind in front of him, left hand over her face and right hand holding a knife to her throat yelling back off or he'll kill her with two deuputies four feet away guns aimed at him.

This is where everyone on TV (and in many jurisdictions) backs slowly away and the hours long standoff begins. In Palm Beach County one of the Deputies simply slowly squeezed the trigger of his glock .40 and blew the guys head away.

When the press interviewed the Sheriff later his main comment was ... "he was a good shot".

More court time saved.

Excellent outcome.

It goes to the old saying " Never bring a knife to a gun fight "
For the sake of accuracy I have to update my post. Apparently his actions took place INSIDE the car and the deputies shot through the window, making it, IMHO even a more difficult shot.

The story is here: Link Removed

ps: I like that the Palm Beach Posts URL used "wellshoot" as its html file:pleasantry:

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