Oregon Counties Freindly to CA Res For CHL to Non Res.


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I would like to know if any one has Intel on a County in Oregon (Closer to CA) that is known to issue CHL to Non Res.

I have attempted to contact Klamath Falls No return call backs

I was told (by Jackson County) that I needed to write a letter to the sheriff (I did) and have heard nothing.

For all that replied to my last question Oops, I failed not making it regarding Oregon only.

I already have my CA, FL, UT and NV Pending, Not sure why AZ came up but if AZ is something useful I can add it to my list.


Grant County. Not close, but as I mentioned in your other thread the sheriff there has been known to travel to neighboring states to do a "CHL clinic" where he does the processing. If you get a few people together and ask him, he'll probably come to Redding at least.

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As mentioned Sheriff Palmer of Grant County is big on issuing to CA residents. Contact them before heading up there as they only do it on certain days,

Josephine County (Grants Pass) is also very easy. Good folks at the SO there. You'll still need a letter but it's no big deal.

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