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I have a question about open carry in Alabama. When I got my permit from the Mobile County Sheriff's Office the lady told me that this permit only authorizes me to carry concealed in such a way that no one can tell that I am carrying. She went on to say that it did not authorize me to carry openly. I told her that I had thought that Alabama was an open carry state, she said that it was but people are not used to someone carrying a gun that is not wearing a badge. She said that I could be cited for disturbing the peace or brandishing a weapon if I open carried. Now I know that open carry is in fact legal in Alabama. I also know that merely open carrying in accordance with the law does not in any way constitute disturbing the peace or brandishing a weapon. But if local law enforcement are hostile towards open carry I know that they could certainly make things hard on me. My biggest fear is that if I am "caught" open carrying they might revoke my CCW permit. Just wondering if anyone else knows anything about this or open carries in Mobile county.

Question you need to ask yourself is, "Do I want to spend the time and money to defend myself in a courtroom if I open carry?". I live in CT and face a similar issue. You may get charged and probably can win in court, but, are you ready for that?
This "lady" put out so much false information..much of which you knew to be incorrect..why give credence to anything she said. If the clerk in our local sheriff's office over here in South Baldwin county had spewed such a melee of false information I would feel required to ask for a supervisor and let her repeat that trash in front of him. If she can't provide correct info then she should just hand over the permit and keep her mouth shut. I have carried, both CC and open, in Baldwin and Mobile counties for more than 30 years and in all that time I have never been asked to show a permit or been confronted in any way by a LEO for open carry. So carry as you like and conceal when needed and exercise the right to bear arms but remember the responsibility that comes with it.
North Carolina has open carry also (mostly statewide) but also have the law on the books that says something about "terror to the public". Others have offered the same advice as above about "do you want to test it?". I also have spoken with and seen notes on-line about open carry individuals that NEVER had an issue and those "brandishing" laws are JUST THAT.

So, if you are concealed carrying and inadvertently expose your handgun you "shouldn't" have any issues. You will get a lot of people that will say just play it safe and conceal. You'll also get a lot of people saying it's your right and you're free to exercise it.
Jacob809, I have open carried for several years in north Mobile county, and a few times in Saraland without any problems whatsoever.
You said your biggest fear is that your license could be revoked if you carry openly. I think you have little to worry about if you obey the law and use good judgement.
In my experience, citizens, including law enforcement, are a little extra friendly toward open carriers!
Most of the time I don't even have the desire to open carry I was just a little concerned with the clerks lack of knowledge and seeming hostility towards it. I wasn't sure if this clerk was just one bad apple or if this was the widespread attitude towards open carry in Mobile County. From what you guys are telling me it sounds like this was just an isolated incident. Thanks for the responses.

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