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One of the boys

Boyzoi, that is a beautiful animal. My wife and I are both hard of hearing, so we have two Chihuahua/Mexican Hairless mix dogs we have trained as Hearing Assist dogs. They alert us to things in our environment that could be hazards, as well as alarms and such that are outside of my hearing range. When I was a baby, a bad cold traveled up the eustachion tube and destroyed the nerves in my right ear. then, when I was in police ans security work, I wanted my training to be as realistic as possible, so I didn't use hearing protection. As a result of all this, I have about 25% hearing left in the left ear. Our male, Bearbear, is laid up right now, the wife was trying to untangle their leashes when he decided he couldn't wait and jumped out of the truck, still tangled in his leash. He landed awkwardly on his right front paw and broke both bones in his foreleg just above what would be our wrist. The vet has him in a splint and has a fentynel patch on his left hind leg for pain. He is happy with Bear's progress, and he should be running aroiund again in about 5 weeks.
Thanks fuz... :biggrin:
Ive been raising these for 25 years, a truely versatile and wonderful breed; but certainly not for everyone.

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