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I was wondering about the group that met in Dayton in March. I live in the North Eastern part of OH and was wondering about joining your group and reaching out up here. I work a lot, but want to get my community aware of its rights, and to actually start practicing its rights daily. If we have these rights and do not exercise them frequently, then what good does it do us to fight for them? let me know, thanks.

hi. the group meets every 2 weeks at a local restaurant. we discuss what we can do to educate about open carry and go to events to promote the right.7 of us attended an art festival and parade OCing and handing out fliers to any who was curious. we are also looking into renting booths at fairs and other public events to spread 2A awareness and the legal right to OC. we also post about meetings at OpenCarry.org - A Right Unexercised is a Right Lost! . go to our forums, then stories from the states and under ohio is where we post.

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