Notify LEO of carry

Because I am familiar with Alabama cops, I'm an Alabama gun dealer, I'm an Alabama firearms instructor, and I'm and Alabama lawyer with experience with our officers of the law. Also I have common sense which it doesn't seem the instructor in Utah clearly imparted to the student who's quoting him on this board, not mentioning his credentials or whether his advice was situational. He may have just said genius don't go getting a ccw badge and go flashing it when you get pulled over for all we know. My previous statement was initially made in jest but now I'm serious.

His name is Mark and he's from Birmingham. If you know the AL UT instructors, you know who I'm talking about. It was the March 2011 class in the Huntsville area.

He was very clear about informing LEO's if you're carrying during a routine traffic stop: he recommends not, except under the circumstances mentioned earlier. He also said that if you decide to inform, he recommended just handing them your DL with your CWP. But his final recommendation was to not inform. It seemed most in the class agreed with him.

As far as badges, you probably already know what he said about that!

From the Alabama Handgun Law website:

"Note: Nothing in Alabama law specifically states you have to present your Permit/License to an Officer on demand. It does say a Permit is required if you carry a pistol in a vehicle or concealed on your person. You would have to present it to an officer if he knew you had a pistol in your vehicle or concealed on your person as a Permit/License is required to carry in those instances. If you didn’t have your Permit/License you would be in violation of 13A-11-73."

The correct answer is, NO!
And here I thought this thread was going to evolve into a good old fashioned CCW Badge discussion.

G50AE, I gotta ask you: Do you have one of those really cool flashing red lights (the kind that plug into the cigarette lighter outlet) for the top of your family car? How about a shiny chrome whistle! :p

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