North Dakota Open and Concealed Carry Laws and Information

The expiration period of permits will be changing soon. Updated info from ND AG's website.
Through June 30, 2011, permits expire after 3 years; from July 1, 2011, permits expire
after 5 years.

The cost of a ND permit has gone up. Again from ND AG's website.
How much is a concealed weapon permit?
The application fee for either permit is $45, made payable to the Office of Attorney General.

How much is the testing?
A test administrator may charge a maximum of $50 for administering the concealed weapon permit testing. This fee is all-inclusive. The instructor may not require an applicant to pay for additional conveniences, such as certificates of completion, additional information or handouts, or photographs, or require the applicant to attend other courses as a pre-requisite or companion to the state’s Concealed Weapon Permit test. If the range assesses a per-person fee, however, the instructor may require an applicant for a Class 1 permit to pay the actual cost of the range fee directly to the range. Range fees are separate from the instructor’s fee for administering the testing.

New requirement for Class 1 CWP. The new Class 2 is the same as the old requirements. Again from ND AG's website.
Minimum Age to Apply for a Permit
* Eighteen (18) for Class 2 permit;
* Twenty-one (21) for Class 1 permit.

An applicant for a Class 1 permit must successfully complete classroom instruction and an open book test based on the Concealed Weapon Permit Manual, show familiarity with the firearm or dangerous weapon, and complete an actual shooting or proficiency exercise. An applicant for a Class 2 permit is required to complete the open book test offered for the Class 1 permit.

Nothing else appears to have changed yet. :hopeful:

Any word on what the advantages of having a class 1 is yet? I dont think it has changed any reprocity with other states just yet.
I think the plan was that by making the age and training requirement it would increase reciprocity with other states. On the ND AG's website you can see that the state has applied for reciprocity with other states with the new laws. We'll just have to wait and see what they say.

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