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I finally got my license yesterday & I have my eye on this Norinco JW15W 22. rifle

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I want to know if this is a good brand and is this model worth getting for target shooting on tight budget? (it's $350)

Norinco is a Chinese firm... specifically "The China North Industries Corp". I don't know anything about the particular rifle you are eyeing. However, I at one time owned a Norinco MAK-90 (AK-47 clone). It was a good rifle and the receiver was milled. Milled receivers are uncommon on AK's and their clones. I sold the rifle about 8 years ago and now wish I hadn't. Anyway, I have heard good and bad things about Norinco firearms so I would err on the side of caution before buying. I would check into Marlin, Ruger, Remington, Winchester, etc... etc.. as these companies have been making excellent .22 rifles for a long time.
Dude, for $350 you can get a bull barreled Savage, just look around. Savage rimfire rifles offer IMPECCABLE accuracy, and an excellent adjustable trigger right out of the box! :)

Even before shirts, pants, shoes, tools gum food, and everything else we had Norinco SK's and cheap 45 autos. Like everybody says if you want a good 22 target rifle, try Savage, Marlin, Ruger and everybody else who makes American 22's. If you must make the trip make Norinco the last stop.:yu:
I concur with Ryan. Savage has some of the most affordable, accurate guns on the market. My 17HMR cost me less than the price quoted on your Norinco.
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I have a Norinco SKS and it works and shoots great. For that price though I think I would look into some of the other brands.
Thanks for info everyone, I went to my local gun dealer yesterday and found out that this Norinco model has been re-called or something so they won't be in stock for along time...So I'll go after a Savage 22. because they do sound good.

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