No CCW in state parks


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It seems it's not allowed in NM state parks... FIREARMS AND BOWS: Possession of firearms with a cartridge in any portion of the mechanism or the discharge of firearms, arrows and air or gas fired projectiles, weapons and any other device capable of causing injury to persons or animals or damage or destruction of property in any portion of the state parks system is prohibited, except during designated hunting seasons or in authorized areas. No such activity shall be allowed within 300 yards of any developed park area or occupied campsite. This Section does not apply to on duty law enforcement officials.

Jeff, reffering to CCW in New Mexico, I belive that laws states you can't have a loaded firearm in state parks. However it says nothing about an unloaded firearm. I carry an unloaded firearm in State parks all the time when I'm camping. I also carry a loaded magazine on my belt alongside my unloaded firearm ;)....I've had this discussion with park rangers before and this is an exceptable get around for this state law.
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