NH did not cash my check


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i recieved my NH non res permit 2 weeks ago and they have yet to cash my check. I dont know why i am worrying about this since i already got the permit but i have this weird feeling that my permit isnt valid until they cash my check (i know thats not the case...i just feel that way)

I was wondering if anyone else has had this experience?

I belong to another website..... all shooters from the NorthEast and I have heard this a lot from them. Its almost like they only make a ban run, once a month! Couple of guys, it took almost a full month before their checks were cashed.

If you really need to scratch the itch, I would call and check the status of your permit and NOT mention the check.
i tried calling...my worries is the check...call me old fashioned but i like to pay for services i have received (just a personal preference- allows me to sleep easier at night). I recieved my CCW permit 2 weeks ago in the mail but they havent cashed my check yet. I'm pretty sure my permit is valid still even if they havent cashed the check but i wish they would already
It is not unusual for government to be very slow in processing money. If your permit says it is valid, it is valid, there is no way to tie it to you bank.

Just don't forget they did not yet cash the check so you keep the funds in your account for when they do. I had a tax check that was not cashed for six months one time and I nearly forgot about it which could have resulted in it bouncing. Now THAT may not be good, so be careful on that.

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