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I'm going for a cwp class and am wondering does the firearm have to be concealed? I have a rock Island 1911 and had to buy a S&W 410s because the previous one seems a bit large to carry. what is the most sensible way to carry it? inside the waistband or shoulder rig? also I have relatives who live in kansas and the cwp map says ohio res permits only.does this mean since
i'm a resident of ohio I can carry in kansas?

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Generally, all you need is a handgun of some sort. It doesn't have to be the one you're going to carry. Check with the school or instructor to be sure.
Here in Florida, you usually don't even need a gun. The range I went to (I already had my XD-40), furnished a a pistol as part of the price if you didn't have one. Matter of fact, they also furnished ear protection and safety glasses. BUT - if you are planning on carrying concealed, it's a really good idea to do a lot of practice with the gun you'll be carryng, and be very familiar with it. Lest you shoot yourself or someone else (in the paper a few days ago).
I have to furnish pistol, eyes and ears and 50 rounds. I wont have my 410s paid off by this weekend so I gotta use a big ole hefty 1911 with a muzzle brake. I should be ok with it till I get my little gun.

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