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As a student, FS doesn't want YOU to shoot video, but crews are allowed for some reason?

Those "crews" have to be approved in advance. That is Front Sight's perogative. I have seen similar policies at every range I have been to here in NJ and in PA. Nothing new to me. In fact, FS was the only place that allowed students to take pics at all--other ranges do not allow ANY photography.

Do you have a range that allows students to film what's going on?

Hi Luke M, This is New Member Luke S in Colorado. I have a question re: hand gun shooting accuracy. I receintly completed my CCW training and application. I have been shooting my son's Glock 17. I have good grouping ( 10 out of 10 in a 3 inch Diameter circle at 10 Yds) the only problem is that the group is about 8 inches low and left. I am a right hand shooter. A friend of mine with Law Enforcement Training said that indicated a trigger pull problem, but he was not sure how to instruct me to practice to eleminate the problem. I shot a friends Ruger Mark III 22 and was right on. I am new to hand gun shooting, though I shot rifles all my life and earned a military Expert Marksman metal.

Any suggestions? :thank_you2:
Luke S

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