mosin nagant stuck bolt


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Hi guys.
My son and I were just at the range.
After 30 rounds the bolt stuck. It's not locked closed, but will not open all the way.
This was the first time he was able to fire it since he bought it. Total time lapse was about 40 minutes. It was hot, but not burn your fingers hot.
Any ideas?


long wooden dowel just small enough to fit in the case mouth. tap lightly, lest you separate the case head and then have to have the rest of the case removed by a gunsmith. probably just a stuck case due to some grime or such.
After removine the spent casing, dissassemble the gun down to just the breach & barrel. Use Easy-Off oven cleaner (the no heat required stuff) to remove the cosmoline residue. It took two cans to clean my son's Mosin. Just basically douche the entire barrel & pay particular attention to the breach area.
Could be cosmoline residue if it wasn't removed properly before you fired it. Also, stay away from lacquered cases that can stick.
Usually it happends when you do not clean all the cosmoline from the mosin.

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take a look at that it may help you
Sticky bolts are often a problem with Mosin Nagants. My guess is that there was residual cosmoline inside the bolt that became liquid while firing, then solidified as the bolt cooled. You'll probably have to heat the bolt up with a hair dryer to free it. Once it's free, remove it by holding the trigger in and pulling the bolt back off of the receiver. From there, use this site to disassemble the bolt. Once the bolt is disassembled, place the parts in an oven and bake them for a hour at 170 degrees. Tilt the pan so the cosmoline runs out of all the nooks and crannies. Clean every bit of cosmoline out of the receiver by using brake cleaner. Make sure you pay close attention to the breech face. After all the cosmoline is out, reassemble and lubricate with spray gun oil. Bolt should be free.

YouTube - "Basic Cosmoline Removal" Iraqveteran8888 Military Surplus 101

YouTube - "Sticky Mosin Nagant Bolt? Making your Mosin Rock part 1" M91/30 M38 M44 M39 Finnish Russian

YouTube - "Sticky Mosin Nagant Bolt? Making your Mosin Rock part 2" M91/30 M38 M44 M39 Finnish Russian

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