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Hi All
I am new to this so bare with me please, Could anybody give me any tips on using these..Mono Vault tubes,, they are very nice looking and well made, But it is very difficult for me to put some of my nice guns in a bag and bury them in these tubes. Who has experiance with this? What do you coat them with if any? And how long do you feel safe with them in the ground? I just cannot help but feel they are going to get their way and confiscate in the near future.


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Those seem a bit silly to me. There are those who would love to ban guns in this country but first they would have to outlaw the sale of new guns. There are simply too many people with guns for them to decide that on a certain day they will show up at every ones door first thing in the morning demanding that we all hand over all of our weapons. The taking of weapons would be a very long and bloody endeavor and just not something I see happening. They will continue to try and whittle away at our rights and the constitution as that is much easier. Other countries where guns were banned were duped into believing it was good for them so they basically handed over their weapons but I just can't see that happening in this country in our life time. I'm not calling you a kook or anything like that but in my opinion I would rather use that money for additional ammo or more firearms. Let's just say that something crazy happens and they do come for our guns it's not like they don't know about these type of things. They have metal detectors and ground penetrating devices to search very quickly for things buried underground. Unless you have hundreds of acres or decide to bury your guns in the forest somewhere then they would probably be found fairly quickly.


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One option is to use Zcorr anti-corrosion bags.

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Don't depend solely on the integrity of the tube. If the ground shifts or settles, which ground often does, the tube could crack or break, letting water in, or worse. This happens frequently to buried PVC pipes, which is why waterproof, direct bury electrical cable must still be used inside underground PVC pipes. It's quite common to open up buried PVC pipe and find it filled with water. Waterproof bags inside the vault tube would be a good backup and the cosmoline idea was a good one.

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