Microfiber as a water source


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I've started using microfiber towels after taking a shower. You can get these at Walmart for pretty cheap...the ones I've been using are "Millenium Kitchen" brand (yeah, they're technically "dish towels"). But they have some interesting properties. For one thing, they're self-drying and they dry pretty quickly. They're also really compact and light, but really durable. They don't wear out as quickly as cotton.

The most interesting part is that they hold water efficiently like some kind of weird alien fabric. Say you get a microfiber towel and it's already damp. Then you dry off with it so you can feel it's wet...but it still keeps drying. By weight, the towel is more water than it is towel. You're drying off with water. WTF? Then you wring it out, and the water just comes out in sheets. It's like you're emptying a pitcher.

Anyway...say TSHTF. You get a few of these and wrap one around your head and one on your back or something to make an efficient sweat gathering system. Now go doing whatever it is you do in the land of post-apocalypse. After a few hours of sweating, take the towels and wring them out into a bucket. Now you've got some water. Hey, it can't be worse than drinking your own urine.

Maybe I'm crazy, but it seems like it's worth a try.

Sounds like one of these:


"Man, that toreshka's one hoopy frood. He sure knows where his towel is." -- with apologies to D. Adams
The Guide does say the bath towel serves many purposes. :sarcastic:
you probably would want to run that towel water through a filter, or boil it before drinking it though.

Doesn't sweat have a bunch of salt in it?

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