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Ok first of all thanks for reading. Im a 24 male Active duty Navy and recently moved to the D.C. and i want a maryland concealed weapons permit. My question is that i read i have to state a reason why i want a concealed weapons permit. Would not feeling safe in this city be a good one? I felt safer in iraq than i do here lol. Is a concealed weapons permit mean i can carry it on my hip in plain site or in a shoulder holster under a jacket? What are the requirements beside who doesnt qualify. I have been having a hard time finding any information. Thanks for the replys.

Maryland does require you to submit a notarized letter explaining why you want a permit. Don't just write that you "don't feel safe". You need more reasons than just that. Think about your occupation, your daily activities, the areas where you likely will be, and the level of violence in the areas.

Ideally, we shouldn't have to present reasons why beyond just simply being our 2A Right. However, Maryland wants to know. I'm not sure how much detail is really needed in such a letter to obtain a MD permit. Maybe others can provide more insight and experience.

Good luck.

Sorry, I thought the statement that open carry is not permitted answered one of your questions. I'll try to be less helpful in the future.
Concealed carry means keep your gun hidden. Wolfhunter's link to Maryland's requirements and what might disqualify is a good link. Read up on it and if you have questions after you've read the info, please ask.



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