Maryland Does infact have a Castle doctrine!


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Good Afternoon My Fellow MD Gun Packers. Listen, I had a chance to speak to my Uncle.He is a Circuit court Judge in Baltimore, M.D. I was leaning on him over this weekends Family reunion about how sucky our laws are in MD regarding guns. I said how is it that if someone comes in my house and I wound them, they can sue me? he said were do you live Mars?. I said then whats the deal. he said castle Doctrine in MD is one of our oldest untouced laws, and that people (citizens) law enforcement of M.D. are just dumb to the fact. M.D. is the only Original Union state that retained the full castle doctrine law. if theres an intruder in the yard or your Premises "Kill Them" with out warning is Justified. Heres the kicker! This cannont be done during day light. You must warn before you shoot!


All the research I've done on Castle Doctrine in Maryland says that we didn't have it until the governor signed a "modified Castle Doctrine" bill in May of 2010. I think what you're uncle was referring to was that in Maryland, your home was the only place where you didn't have a "duty to retreat." Castle Doctrine, per se, didn't exist in Maryland until May of 2010.

The website above is for a Maryland delegate on the Eastern Shore who helped push this bill through.

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