Man Shoots Wife while installing TV Dish


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Poor choice for drill alternative.

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DEEPWATER, Mo. -- Officials are trying to decide whether to file charges against a Missouri man who fatally shot his wife while trying to install a satellite TV system in the bedroom of their home.

Patsy Long, 34, of Deepwater, died after being shot in the chest with a .22-caliber handgun on Saturday. Her husband, Ronald Long, fired the shot from the inside of their home after several unsuccessful efforts to punch a hole through the exterior wall using other means.

Henry County sheriff's deputies said the woman was hit by the second of two shots fired by her husband. ...

As someone who has worked in the home satelite business before, I can say that this is one of the many reasons why most consumers should just utilize the "free" installation option that most carriers offer. :fie: I don't recall any installer ever using a .22 or anyother caliber pistol to penetrate a wall. Any I have seen work by some realy braindead installers.

:sarcastic: Maybe this guy should have just stuck with cable.
G50ae, why are u digging up posts that are all most two years old??????:fie:

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