Maine Open and Concealed Carry Laws and Information


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Here is the link to our Maine Concealed Carry page.

Let me know if I missed anything.

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In Maine, what is considered a "licensed establishment" when alcohol is involved? Does that mean you can't carry in a restaurant that serves alcohol? I have a non-resident CC permit for Maine and I'm a little confused about this particular topic.
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I have a resident permit to carry concealed. The way my CCW instructor told me about a licensed establishment was that if a resturant or any type of business put a sign up when you entered the establishment that indicated that it was a weapon free zone then you as a CCW holder couldn't legally carry in that business. Hence if you carried in that business that was posted against weapons then you would be in violation of that statute. I've never came into contact with a business that has that posted in the state of Maine. Rule of thumb I follow with alcohol is that if you are going to be carrying a weapon it's a good bet that you shouldn't be drinking something that impairs your judgement. I'm not saying that you are by any means I just wanted to put that in there. Maine in my opinion is a very gun friendly state and have very minimal laws on right to carry and we've seen great success with right to carry.
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I Hold A Mass CC Permit And Would Like To Know If I Can Travel In Maine Non Conceled When On
Vacation In Maine.
The Maine page

Disregard this note - I accidentally posted something that was incorrect. Sorry.
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You say this:

Out Of State Permit Issue:
Maine does issue permits to non-residents.

Then later appear to contradict it.

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