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Before Christmas, I had to sell my carry M1911, a Norinco, to pay some bills.

Now that I've finally gotten a real job again, I'm looking for a replacement.

I carried the full sized Norinco, but am thinking that a Commander or smaller sized gun would be more comfortable.

I always thought that some day I'd get a Springfield MicroCompact, but they've stopped making them.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

I carry a kimber cdp pro ,that is the comander size 1911 and I love it. I think you will be happer with a comander size 1911 as apposed to a full size or an ultra. If you can go to a range where you can try different hand guns by all means do so.Try some kimbers , springfields and the new ruger 1911s. If those are not good enough for you try anything else you like.Good luck and be safe. For the money you can't beat the new ruger 1911s.
For a concealed carry 1911, my preference is the 9mm Colt New Agent. It weighs about 25 ounces with a single-stack, 8-round magazine. The New Agent has a gutter/trench sight, so there's less chance of anything snagging on a draw. That said, the trench sight has a learning curve...or you can add Crimson Trace grips. For daytime use, I use the trench sight. In low-light conditions, I prefer the CT grips. As for reliability, my New Agent has been flawless...over 1,700 rounds.
For the $$$, try a Ruger SR1911 Commander. Beautuful gun if you like stainless.
I also replaced a full size ( Rem. R1 ) & have to say the Cmdr. size is much easier to conceal,
& more comfortable to carry.

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