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The form for replacing a lost permit asks for the license number and exp date. I don't have this number as the permit is lost. Is there a place to find this number other than the permit? It does say I can send a copy of the permit.

For those perusing the thread, I advise you to make a copy of your permit in case you lose it. It will make getting a replacement less of a hassle.

Your local Sherif Office will have that on file. Go or call where you got your card from. See if they can assist you with that
i have a copy of all my licenses and credit cards saved in a safe and a scan of them on a external drive for just such a reason. and highly recommend it to.. best of luck...
I tried sending it in without the number. We'll see how it works out. I'll update the results when I know something.
Got it in the mail last night. Made copies of all of my identification today. Sent form and check 11-11 and received replacement permit 11-18. That's a pretty good turnaround. And the permit number was apparently not required, but I'm sure it would have helped the clerk if I had been able to send it.
When I fill out any form I keep a copy of what I sent in the safe. When I renew I want all info to be the same, references whatever.

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