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I own a .45 pistol and I'm right handed but sometimes my right eye gets very blurry. Is it possible to be a right hand fire with your left eye? Or is it best to shoot both eyes open?


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so it doesn't affect your shot?

Not remotely. I was shooting well for several months before I was even aware I was using only my left eye. Didn't hurt a thing! It'll mess me up with long guns, though. Whenever I get in to that.

There's plenty of things out there for shooting with both eyes open. I don't usually look for it because it doesn't apply to me, but you can google it and find a bunch. I would, but it's late and I'm exceptionally tired, and have to wake up early tomorrow. Good luck!


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I just had to come back and say that this was some good advice I received. I have been practicing shooting with my left eye and with both eyes open. They hit in generally the same area. I wonder how is that possible. I am I just lucky or am I doing something right? I know if i were shooting a rifle things would be different but with my pistols it practically no difference. The distances are from 10 to 15 yards out. Why are you trained to shoot only one eye open?


Why are you trained to shoot only one eye open?

Very good question. There are different schools of thought about closing the non-dominant eye when shooting a handgun for the purpose of self defense. Closing one eye limits your range of vision. You may not notice someone approaching you from the side with the closed eye. On the other hand, closing the non-dominant eye provides you with better precision. This video may help (a little bit).



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I don't think anyone could ever answer a question better than that video.... that dude was awsome... everything makes so much more sense now


Learn to shoot with both open. Very important in self-defense to not close an eye. Keep your peripheral vision open to eliminate a blind side.


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I'm very cross-eye dominant (the different contact prescription in each eye is pretty significant); I shoot right handed and I use my left eye. No fancy method, I just close my right eye and shoot! Never an issue.

pistol-training.com » Blog Archive » Cross-Dominance: The Non-Issue

I am so glad I found this thread.

I haven't shot in years and just went to try it again because I would like to get my CCW. I too wear contact lenses and my right eye prescription is for far vision and my left for close up.

I am right hand and right eye dominate but when using my right eye the sites were very blurry, while the target was clear. My shorts were off. Then I tried my left eye which allowed me to see the sights clearly, but the target was blurry. However, my shot placement was much better. I even tried both eyes but shooting with the left worked the best.

What I didn't realize I was doing wrong was moving the gun to line up with my left eye rather than canting my head to line my left eye up with the gun sights. I see this is important because you want your wrist to remain straight to help with the recoil, which wasn't happening when I moved my arms to line up the gun with my left eye.

I shot pretty well but knowing this, the next time I will do even better.

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