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I just received my license renewal envelope in the mail a few days ago with a book of the current laws and whatnot. I usually read it to keep my memory fresh with the current laws. I also usually fold the corners of (and circle with ink) the relative statutes that I care about such as where you cannot carry, when you can open carry, etc.

I have found everything I was looking for but one. I could have sworn they passed a law recently that allowed the carry of a concealed weapon (licensed) in a national forest. I did a few searches on the florida board but I had no results. I have read through Chapter 790 for over an hour and I cannot find it. I would have thought they would have placed it in 790.25 (3) which is where they can you can open carry and what not.

Am I mistaken and this law was never passed or am I just missing this statute? If anyone knows where it's located, can you give me the statute number?

I'm glad this place exists, I'm another packing.org transfer. That site was so slow and, in terms of uptime, very unreliable.

The book I have here in my hands is from a current FL CCW packet and it lists the law as 790.11 but the FL website says that particular law is from 2000 and I can't find anything for '07 on the web.

Here is what I found though:

790.11 Carrying firearms in national forests prohibited.--Except during the hunting season as established by law, no person shall carry, on or about his or her person, or in any vehicle in which such person may be riding, or on any animal which such person may be using, within the limits of a national forest area within the state, any gun or firearm of any description whatever, without first having obtained a permit as hereinafter prescribed except on state roads when securely locked within a vehicle.

History.--s. 1, ch. 17911, 1937; CGL 1940 Supp. 7203(5); s. 1, ch. 65-188; s. 1208, ch. 97-102.

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