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This thread will be used to list all ccw instructors in North Carolina. If you would like to help, please post the name, address, phone number, and any other information of a ccw instructor in North Carolina and I will list keep them listed in this first post alphabetically.

Featured North Carolina Firearm Instructors:
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Shannon L. Frazier
201 Paramount Court
Leicester NC 28748
1-828-450-6419 Mobile
Small classes, less than 10 people.
Christian environment.
Enphasis on law and safety.
Surefire Protection Services LLC
Glenn Jefferson
NC CCH Instr
NRA Inst
142 Water Front Lane
Timberlake,NC 27583
Teach all small arms classes
CCH classes in Transylvania County

Bennett Greeenberg
Rosman, nc 28772
828-877-6531 or 828-489-8980
email [email protected]

In Transylvania county:
Offering instruction & classes in Tactical Firearms Use - North Carolina Concealed Cary - Firearms Safety - Self Defense & Awareness
Tactical training range facility

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Dan Starks
704-392-7233 Office
704-491-5004 Cell
Email: [email protected]
Web: Dan Starks :: Starks Training Institute, Inc. Universal Defense Solutions - Educated Self Protection
Classes are given at:

Hyatt Coin and Gun
Located near the Charlotte Airport

I recently took the class and think it was very informative. Other classes are also offered for groups pertaining to office safety. This guy can answer any question at any time. He makes himself available at any time for all his students and I thought that was great. If you live in Mecklenburg County, they are backed up about three months just to get you in for an appointment to turn in your class certificate, and another three months to give you the permit.
Claude paris
1501 glover rd
salisbury, nc 28146 cell 704-223-0081 ccw classes 4th saturday month cert . Nra rifle, pistol, shotgun
1 day class all classes taught at rowan county wildlife association range in salisbury. Certified hunter education ins. Next class june18 &19 of 09 and auguest13 & 14. Will teach private week day classes for a group of 8 or more for ccw classes. Hunter ed classes are free. Next CCW classes Oct 24, Nov.,28, Dec. 19 2009. Shoot on one of the finist ranges on East Coast.
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Western NC CCW Classes

Contact Information

Jason Clark
P.O. Box 1471
Cherokee, NC 28719
(828) 226-3985

Christian Environment, Will do classes with atleast 5 people,16 years of Public Safety work experience.
Laney Training Solutions, LLC
Wayne Laney - Instructor
Classes held in Salisbury on a weekly basis
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A Plus Eastern NC Concealed Carry Instructor

I'm new to this website, I've been a criminal justice instructor for 12 years now retired, teaching concealed carry, certified law enforcement, private protective services board, Dept of Corrections and NC Criminal Justice Training and standards firearms instructor also instruct unarmed self defense, CPR, First Aid, PR24, Straight and expandable batons, OC Pepper Spray, all your traing needs in one call!
A Plus Instruction

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