List of New York CCW Instructors

Erie County, Utah CFP, Florida CCW Pistol Permit Classes

Firearms Training of Western New York, we have classes scheduled for the New York State Pistol Permit Class for Erie and Niagara Counties

We also have Utah CFP and Florida CCW Pistol Permit Classes. New York residents can carry concealed in 30 + states with a Utah and or Florida Concealed Carry Permit!

We have class dates being held all over Western New York.

Please see the website for more details or email us at [email protected]

click here to visit our website-
Firearms Training of WNY
Personal Protection Associates - Hudson Valley, NY

Hi Folks,

I am the owner and director of Personal Protection Associates (PPA) located in Newburgh, NY. We provide personal defense training, New York, Utah, Florida and Connecticut permit services to individuals (groups or private), clubs and ranges throughout the Hudson valley. Our police instructors provide fingerprinting services free of charge. We also offer premise consulting services to businesses and homeowners, providing safer more secure work and family environments.

Our organization is relatively new and consists of five NRA certified pistol and personal protection instructors, range safety officers, former military and police weapons trainers, martial arts instructors, AWSDA certified rape defense instructors and a former NYC Deputy District Attorney with an extensive background in firearm law and criminal/civil defense. Our classes are conducted on a private range with classroom facilities.

We offer discounts to members of USA Carry. Feel free to contact us as we're always looking to expand our referrals to students outside of our area.

Thanks and stay safe,
[email protected]
We (Delta Firearms Training) are presently teaching the NY 18-hr. CCW class in most of the southern tier of New York! check out our website here. You can email us at [email protected] for further information and to register for one of our courses!

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