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Just thought I'd put a little plug in for Liberty's Kids. It is a fantastic program produced by DIC and PBS that used to be shown on PBS, but I don't know that it's on anymore. As a parent, I'm pretty well fed up with what's available for kids to watch these days, but this one's a good show. I've been looking for these shows for quite a while and they've been real hard to come by, but as of October, the full Liberty's Kids 6 disk collection is available on Netflix or to order at Liberty's Kids

They are cartoons that cover the revolutionary era and events by following fictional kids who work as reporters for Benjamin Franklin's Pennsylvania Gazette. REALLY well done historically--they feature many of the founding fathers, writers, and important events of the revolution. The founders are portrayed as the honorable and decent people that they were. We're on disk 4 here, and the kids love it as much as I do. Just thought I'd let you all know in case you hadn't heard of the show and have kids or grandkids that you want to get a little good US History into in a fun way.

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