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To carry

My wife always asks "why do have that"? I just tell her "because I can" as telling her that its to protect her and my kids would just get some remark like "what ever". I always go over scenarios when we are out. I also found out that since I got my CCW that I'm more observant of my surroundings. I seem to watch people more, to see if they're acting weird, seem to be checking out a place, wearing a long bulky coat in summer, just little things. I think that people with a CCW seem to be more aware and would not put themselves in a situation or place that is dangerous willingly, at that point if a situation does occur the only course of action would be self defense.


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My Three Rules

  1. You Need to Get Your Mind Right. This is where you come to grips and make your peace with the fact that you are carrying the power of life and death. You need to walk through the various scenarios for what will happen after to be prepared for the entire event.
  2. You Have to Know Where the Bright Line to Act Is. At what point can you legally stop the threat.
  3. As John Bernard Books - John Wayne's character in his last movie The Shootist stated - You Must Be WILLING. There can be NO hesitation as soon as the opportunity/shot is cleared tactically after the Bright Line has been and remains crossed.

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