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In looking around on this website yesterday, I learned something that I should have known, but didn't. Now I feel like a dunce. I did not know that the state of California does not accept CCW from any other state, not one, nada, zilch. No reciprocity what so ever! Now I know this is not news to most of you, but it was to me. Guess I really had my head buried in the sand. So, THANK YOU, USACarry for all the information you have on your website, and for the education I am getting. Keep up the good work.

Even worse.....try and get a CCW in CA.It is a daunting task I tell you.That is all I will say.Thanks to USA Carry also.I love this website
Oregon is exactly the same, they honor no other states permits. Ironically, both CA and OR permits are honored in some states, though I don't know why.
Getting a CCW in CA is really not that difficult, IF you are not a convicted Felon, have some feasible reason for needing one, pass the 16 hour course and can shoot relatively well. The exceptions to the rule are San Francisco and Los Angeles, where few if any permits are issued. There is nothing stopping a permit holder visiting those places, but if you live there, forget it, only the Bad Guys carry.

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