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I bought an LCP a couple months ago. Statrted out shooting FMJ at the range with no problems then a friend I shoot with brought some American Eagle JHP. The LCP jammed about every other round. I contributed it to bad or cheap ammo since I didn't know how long he'd had it and since have put about 150 rounds of FMJ thru it with no problem.
So the other day I bought a box of Aquila JHP. Similar problem. It seems that the spent casing isn't kicked out and the slide tries to chamber a round in behind the spent casing on return to battery.

Anyone having similar issues? I know some guns can favor certain ammo, but I can't imagine a gun being so picky. Should I send it back for inspection and repair or are LCP's just that picky? I cleaned it often and there's no grit or obstruction I can see around the extractor.


I have an LCP that I carry as a backup. You're right it will not shoot any hollow point that has a wide opening, as it comes from Ruger. If you take the slide off and hold the bare barrel as it would be in battery against the frame with a loaded magazine in the mag well you'll see why. When the slide pushes the cartridge forward the wide edges of the hollow point will hit the bottom ears of the feed ramp. This usually keeps the round from popping up and into battery. It would leave big gashes in the front of my HP.

That feedramp is designed for a pointed bullet shape, not something wide like a HP. There are some rounded HP bullets I've seen which would probably solve your problem. I prefer something fairly open in .380 for my purposes, and that hangs up. I opened and flared the lower feedramp at the bottom edges to allow the wider bullet point to pass. Then I polished everything very well for reliability. It will now feed anything and is very reliable.

If you're not sure of what you're doing take it to a gunsmith and have them do it. Shouldn't cost much and might save you from ruining a barrel.

After I did this the LCP had to go back to Ruger for the recall. I sent it back with a note about what had been the problem and my solution. The correspondence I got back was all positive.

Hope this helps,

I have almost always found on feeding issue's where it involved a hollow point that I needed to polish the feed ramp. This is true of 22 caliber's like Smith and Wesson 22a, Beretta Neos, and even a Ruger 22/45. For some reason the manufactures think that you will only be running round nose bullets through and most 22 caliber are hollow point??? Anyway, this has happened to a number of 9mm's and 45's I own as well of all different makes. The first thing I do when the gun won't chamber a Hollow point round is to check it out as Triggerhappy does above, then polish everything, the feed ramp, and if necessary the edges around it. I hope your problem goes away after that, the LCP is a good gun when corrected.:pleasantry:

I agree completely that everything should be polished as one step in making any firearm function well. In my particular case the bullet nose was contacting the edges of the lower feed rams and stopping completely. Enough that it would fold the edges of the HP in toward the center. Cutting the feed ramp lips wider to funnel the bullet face was the cure for mine.

I really recommend that you take the slide and recoil spring off and perhaps use a dummy HP bullet to check out the barrel feed ramp to magazine interface. It's easy to do with the bare barrel, frame and magazine.

The other thing to do is to check out a jammed round and see if it has any marks on it. When jammed you should be able to observe the cause of the problem with the bullet in place.

Thanks for all the replies. I emailed the repair dept and got a quick reply:

In response to your question, the LCP should work with any new SAAMI spec ammo (FMJ or JHP). If you would provide your address, phone number and the serial number of your pistol, we'd be happy to email you a pre-paid rush UPS label so that we can get the pistol in for examination/repair. If you would prefer not to send this type of information via email, please call me at (928) 778-6555 and I'll expedite the return.

Thank you for letting us know about this problem.

Ruger Customer Service

I guess we'll send it in and wait and see what happens. Ball is better than nothing but I'd prefer a hollowpoints in my SD gun.
My LCP has shot every ammo type I've put through it without any problems. It was a pre-recall gun that has the work done, I didn't have any problems before or since. I've used Federal Hydrashok, Win Silvertips and my current carry load, Rem Golden Sabers, as well as a bunch of FMJ loads. You definitely need to send your's back, the gun should work flawlessly.
My wife had the exact same problems with her LCP and the Aquila hp. We bought some winchester silver tips and have not had any problems.

Got the LCP back from Ruger today. Reciept said they replaced the extractor, slide, and guide rod. Works like a champ now. Fired the rest of the box of the JHP that jammed every shot prior and not a glitch. It was only gone about 2 weeks. Big Attaboy for Ruger warranty repair center.
Try shooting Glaser Power Balls. It's a hollow point with a polymer capped nose. Some semi-autos need the capped nose to feed properly.

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